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Your Dream Is Only As Big As You Can Stand It

I've heard this once or twice in my many years living in LALA LAND, "LA is for the STAYERS". There's never been a truer phrase. There are tons of people who come out here and give themselves 2 years to "make it" and then come to find the grind exhausting and realize this town is overly crowded with extremely talented people all looking for their shot. This is when they look at the rejection more than their dream, pack up, and move back home. I'm always sad to see people give up, but also happy that they're only making more room for me, because I've been exactly where they are. Instead of leaving, I decided to buckle down and withstand the torture of what following your dreams feels like.

Here's the thing, the second you give up hope and step into the process of leaving LA, this city will not help pull you back in. LA is only as good as to the ones who when they hate on it, they love it back just as equally. It's a hate relationship when there's no work and constant rejection and it's a love relationship when there are opportunities and awesome gigs. The problem is, you only get so many yeses, and there will be endless days that go by where you only hear no. Your dream, at this point, will only be as big as you can stand it.

So should you decide to come out to the Entertainment Capital of The World, come in knowing that your time is never wasted as long as you are living here and spending your time honing in on what you want to do. Whether that be writing, making videos, acting, painting... DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do not allow others who may not see all your amazingness to deter you from what you came out here to do. You came out here to LIVE, so do whatever it takes to stay LIVING here. This is where the opportunities are and this is where you'll find a whole hell of a lot of people who love the same things you do. They're your competitors, but they will only improve you.

With whatever minutes you have left after grinding away, spend them on something that makes you smile, because you can lay your head down knowing you have another day to work because you chose to stay amidst the chaos. You chose to sacrifice other parts of your life even if it's painful and lonely to let go because your dream is indeed big enough for you to stand all the days of your life.

Do something that puts you one step closer to what you truly want to do, so when you arrive at that opportunity, you are ready. You're ready because you've prepared, put in time, built a thick skin, and learned to love yourself a little more along the way. At this point, no matter what happens you'll know the path that lies ahead will be a bit smoother because you're fucking seasoned now baby!

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Man, I don't know how or where you manage to get those inifite amounts of energy, Tara. You always bring the 200% wherever you go...! After reading your kind words, I'm all hyped up; ready to keep on trying... Nothing gonna stop us now! PS: Word on the streets is you were fighting a nasty virus, so 🎶 PLEASE GET WEEEEEELL, PLEASE GET WELL! 🔔 Much love from MX

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