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Recent Roles

Upcoming Projects

She's set to direct another short film called "The Ritual" for JUST SCARE ME and prepping to star in and direct the sequel to "A Real Killjoy". 

"Age is A Killer" is another film in post-production, to be released in the fall of 2021 in which Tara stars in. 

You can see her in the LIFETIME thriller "Psycho Storm Chaser" which began airing on Aug. 13th, 2021. This would be her second lead role in a LIFETIME feature. Her other Lifetime film is called "The Nightmare House." 

She has recently won 5 Best Actress Awards for her work in "Prime of Your Life" which is a short film, currently making its rounds in the festival circuit 2021-2022. It has also won for "Best Short" & "Best Writing". 

Her directorial debut was made in July of 2021 with her short film "A Real Killjoy", which is already in pre-production for a sequel due to the overwhelmingly positive response from fans. 

She's also currently the face of Little Caesars in their very funny commercial spots! 

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Tara Wrote a Kids Book! COMING SOON! 

She recently completed her Kid's picture book called, "Drew The Lonely Dragon" and is currently on the hunt for an amazing lit agent to get it published. www.DrewTheLonelyDragon.com