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Recent Roles

She has recently won 5 Best Actress Awards for her work in "Prime of Your Life". It has also won "Best Short" & "Best Writing".

Tara's directorial debut was made with her short film, "A Real Killjoy" which has won "Best of The Fest", "Special Jury Award" and "Best Dark Comedy Micro-short". "A Real Killjoy 3" is currently in pre-production, to be directed by Tara Erickson and Matt MacWilliams in the winter of 2023.  

She's also the face of Little Caesars in their hilarious commercial spots as well as the sports drink "Xyience". 

Upcoming Projects

She directed other short films called "The Ritual",  "Paranoia" and "You're You", which are all out on her youtube channel.


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Tara Wrote a Kids Book! Available now 
on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  


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